• 06-09-2019 r.
    ZUO Kwidzyn – contract signing
    At Waste Management Plant in Gliwa Mała near Kwidzyn, Instal Warszawa S.A. is carrying out works referred to Construction of a new sorting plant for municipal waste source collected.
    20-08-2019 r.
    WWTP in Mińsk Maz – contract signing for design and build
    In the presence of the Mayor of Minsk Mazowiecki, on August 20, 2019, an agreement was signed under the contract "COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION OF THE SLUDGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AT THE WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT IN MINSK MAZOWIECK" between the Employer - Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji sp. z o.o. and the Contractor INSTAL WARSZAWA S.A.
    14-08-2019 r.
    WWTP in Dęblin – work on all fronts
    As part of the investment Reconstruction and extension of the municipal sewage treatment plant in Dęblin are carried out on all fronts - technological, road, finishing, construction and building works, as well as electrical and control and measurement works.
  • 08-08-2019 r.
    Sugar silo in Chełmża – completed
    In July, work related to the construction of a sugar silo at Nordzucker Polska in Chełmża was completed.
    31-07-2019 r.
    The WWTP in Nowa Wieś Ełcka will be refurbished
    On 31/07/2019 Instal Warszawa signed a contract with PWiK in Ełk for the implementation of the task: Reconstruction of wastewater treatment plant technology in Nowa Wieś Ełcka.
    23-07-2019 r.
    Start of renovation and extension works at WWTP in Mogilno
    On 23.07.2019 in Mogilno (Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province) Instal Warszawa signed a contract for the implementation of the task with the Municipality of Mogilno: Renovation and extension of the sewage treatment plant in Mogilno.
  • 18-07-2019 r.
    WWTP Tczew – close to the completion
    Construction and assembly works were completed at Czatkowy pumping station, composting plant, dense grate building, sand separator building and blowers station. At the completion is the assembly of new power and I & C installations, lighting, lightning protection.
    01-07-2019 r.
    OŚ Pińczów – The new reactor is already working
    The modernization of the first multifunctional reactor has been completed as part of the extension of the wastewater treatment plant in Pińczów. After mechanical and technological start-ups, a full volume of wastewater flowing into the treatment plant has been leaded to the reactor since the January 2019. The required values of purified wastewater rates have been achieved. The lattice building along with the sandpit has been also put into operation.
    24-06-2019 r.
    WWTP Jaworzno – works progress
    As part of the project "Modernization of the Jaworzno-Dąb II wastewater treatment plant" works related to external networks are being carried out, the renovation of the building is underway.